World’s highest glaciers may disappear within 40 years

Stunning mountain in Huascarán

Within 40 years Peru’s 2500 glaciers will be gone

I have returned to Huaraz, north of Lima, to report for ABC News, writing about Peru’s disappearing glaciers. This is one place not to delay visiting.

ABC News: It’s the world’s highest tropical glacial field and scientists predict it will be gone within 40 years.

In the process, it is likely to deliver water shortages and catastrophic floods to towns in the Peruvian Andes.

More than 2,500 glaciers slice through the mountain peaks of Peru. Around 660 of them lie in the country’s highest mountain range, the UNESCO listed Cordillera Blanca.

The United Nations body warns the glacial retreat threatens the livelihoods of 2 million people, living in the valleys below and the desert coastal cities that rely on the glaciers’ water. Read more of the ABC News story.


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