Sun and waterfalls in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Montezuma Waterfall

A shower under Montezuma Waterfall

At the bottom of Península de Nicoya is the relaxed and pretty beachside town of Montezuma.

Here, you can finally close your wallet and enjoy nature’s wonders for free including the three teared, stunning Montezuma Waterfall. Just a 20 minute walk from town, you can bring out your inner daredevil and jump off 10 metre high platforms or just watch the locals make perfect dives.

Montezuma beach is beautiful for swimming during the day and at night someone usually starts a bonfire and music on the beach.

Many people camp on the beach but there are reports of muggings and thefts. The one ATM in town usually runs out of money at the weekend.

There are good surf beaches a short drive away but not within an easy walk from town.

Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica

Montezuma Beach

Hostel accommodation is pretty poor in town. Hotel Lucy and Luna Lena both have good reviews. Dm US$10.