Al Paredon, Guatemala

Al Paredon

Al Paredon

This small quiet beach village is a great place to learn how to surf of just relaxed. Set in the sand dunes next to a mangrove river system, this is a beautiful place to unwind and enjoy the long black sandy beach or surf at one of the many sandbar breaks along the beach.

Only two or three places offer accommodation. There are no restaurants and the only local eatery is Sandra’s – the home of a local lady (great food).

Accommodation: Surf House (dorms 85Q). Great bar/ restaurant, sea views, pool, Internet and surfboard hire or Surf Camp (dorms 55Q).

Food: Surf House, Surf Camp or Sandra’s.

Al Paradon

Al Paredon

Note: There are no ATMs here and limited internet. The beach has many rips so swimmers need to take care and swim with others.

Transport: Shuttle from Antigua (Q120) or chicken bus to Escuintla then change for Sipacata. There, take a tuk tuk, followed by a boat to Al Paredon (Q55 total).