Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico

Hiking Hierve el Agua, near Oaxaca City, Mexico

Hierve el Agua

The stunning Hierve el Agua in the Sierra Norte mountains is a gorgeous place to relax away the afternoon. There is about an hour of hiking that can be done around the petrified waterfall and there are natural spring

s that have been funnelled into manmade pools which provide a stunning view over the valley while enjoying the cold water. Most organised tours spend only 50 minutes here. If purchasing Mezcal and rugs is not your main focus, then making your own way to Hierve de Agua is advisable. It involves three collectives, hitch-hiking or a taxi from Oaxaca to get there.

Swimming Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico

Swimming Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca

El Arbol del Tule (The Tree of Tule)

Along the way is the El Arbol del Tule, a tree that is estimated to be between 1400-1600 years old and located on former Aztec sacred site – now within the grounds of a Roman Catholic Church. With a trunk circumference of more than 42 metres, it is an impressive sight. It is in the village of Santa Maria del Tule about 10 km from Oaxaca.


Tree of Life, Oaxaca, Mexico

1400 year old El Arbol del Tule (The Tree of Tule)