Tulum, Mexico

Tulum Beach

Tulum Beach

With beachside ruins, cabanas, cenote diving, Akumal’s turtle beach and Coba’s ruins all closeby it is easy to spend a week relaxing and enjoying life in and around Tulum.

Most of the hostels are located in the township of Tulum about 4km inland of the stunning beach. There are beachside cabanas and tastefully constructed beachside hotels as well.

Tulum’s public beach is gorgeous with beautiful white sand and aqua blue water.

For all attractions – go early to avoid the crowds.


Akumal Turtle Beach

Akumal Turtle Beach

Akumal Turtle Beach

Located between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, Akumal is where turtles come to lay their eggs and feed on the sea grass. It is almost impossible not to see at least a dozen turtles each swim and if you are lucky you may spot some of those that are newly hatched. Stingrays also make their home at this beach.

To enjoy the snorkel on your own, go early and walk down the beach past the boats, avoiding the group snorkel tours.

Transport: Collectivo buses run frequently from both Playa del Carmen and Tulum.


Diving in Tulum's cenotes

Diving in Tulum’s cenotes

Diving Tulum’s Cenotes, Mexico
If you have a dive licence, the cenotes of Tulum are not to be missed. I dived Angilita and Grand cenotes and have heard excellent reports about The Pit and Dos Ojos.

The experience was amazing. Both Angilita and The Pit are deep dives with excellent visibility. Angilita involved passing through an Halo Cline which created an eerie underwater experience of flying above what looked like fog with branches protruding through, to passing through into darkness – and the salt water below.

Grand cenote and Dos Ojos are cave dives with visible light exits to the cenotes from most locations. Visibility was so clear that, according to my dive guide it was “off the scale” of most log books. The stalactite formations were stunning and the light generated colours penetrating the dark were simply beautiful. Expect a crowded diving experience for your second dive of the day.

Dive operator: Dream Diving, US$95 plus entrance fees for two dives. Tulum has a long list of excellent dive operators that all have similar prices.

Accommodation: Muma’s Home. A great atmosphere and good breakfast, book in advance and also arrive early as they frequently overbook.

Transport: 70 pesos on the ADO bus or collectivo buses from Cancun. The latter is about one hour shorter in journey time.

Eating: El Capitan and Charlie’s both have amazing ceviche.